Nokia N8 Stands Out To The Number One Smartphone In Market

Nokia N8 is one of the N Series model of Nokia which has been designed and manufactured by them. It is first launch during late 2010. The key feature of this phone is the upgrade 12.1 mega pixel camera with gesture recognition technology & radio with 3.5G Pentaband. The connectivity feature is updated to HDMI… Read More »

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Best SmartPhone 2012 – The war is on …

Which brand do you think was the best smartphone 2012 or the current best smartphone 2011? It is going to take a lot of brains to compare and come out with a result but for sure, the result is going to be debate able. As we all know it is just impossible to have all… Read More »

TOP SMARTPHONE trâu bò, giá rẻ mới cập bến Việt Nam

Take Amazing Pictures With The New Dash Smartphone

When the T-Mobile Dash was released it was a very popular phone. It had its quirks but it still was successful. T-Mobile wanted to create a seamless transition into the smartphone race so they decided to upgrade the already existing Dash. T-Mobile just released the Dash 3G and despite one or two flaws it is… Read More »

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Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Phone

While reading a brief note in one of the tech briefings today, it was announced that Apple was trying to squeeze its iPad into the iPad mini and after looking at and using Samsung’s Galaxy NT-7000 Unlocked Quad Band smartphone, we can easily see why. First we’ll give you a look at the basics you’ll… Read More »

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